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Baseball club Cecko Praha has been found January 10th 2018 as a successor of C team of Tempo Praha. This change allowed us to continue play baseball, however on the lowest level in Czech Republic.

Cecko Praha consist players with plenty of baseball experience from top Czech baseball leagues. Almost of players have their own families and own job, but because of their love for a baseball, they stay i baseball community and play baseball. Regional competition which play Cecko Praha has scheduled almost of games during working days on evening which ensure to player play games without any limitation.

Beside regional competition, Cecko Praha every year participate on baseball tournament in Znojmo, usually played in the begin of October. In past Cecko Praha organized an international baseball tournament called PRAGUE INTERNATIONAL BASEBALL CUP. Because Cecko has not their own field, they was not able to continue with organization of this tournament.

As our team is not linked with any baseball club with youth program, we are warmly welcome all players with baseball experience who decided to spent part fo their love in Prague. Those who missing baseball games and who wants to be part of a friendly organization playing baseball for love of the game.

If you would like be a part of Cecko Praha baseball club, please contact us via email at info@ceckopraha.cz, we will come back to you as soon as possible. You can slo leave us a messase on our Facebook page @ceckopraha.

Vytvořeno: 09.06.2021
Céčko Praha
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